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How to prepare for a branding session

Preparation is key to success, and branding photography is no exception. With some important considerations before your branding session, you can effectively convey the essence of your brand and get the most out of your photos.

First, think about your ideal client. Who do you want to attract to your business, and what draws them to a photo? Fully understanding your ideal client can change your whole photo session. For example, if your business is nutrition coaching and your ideal client is a busy, urban, working mom who wants to look and feel her best, your session would be very different than if your ideal client was an adventurous, rural, young woman who loves to travel and wants eating well to be simple.

In this branding session with Meghan of Running M Brand, the photos feature her beautiful, colourful wild rags, but her products aren’t the star of the show. The focus is on Meghan herself, and many of these photos simply showcase Meghan living her life on her family farm. This lifestyle resonates with and attracts many of her current and potential clients.

What emotions do you want your photos to evoke? Although the Running M Brand photos have a lot of variation between them, they are all very cohesive and evoke similar emotions. The golden hour glow throughout the session adds to this feeling.

Be intentional with the details you include. Everything in your photos tells a story: your wardrobe, the location or backdrop you chose, the models for your products, and even small details that may seem less important, such as a pen on your desk or a water bottle beside you.

Most importantly, be authentically you! We want to show your clients who you really are, and a great way to do this is to incorporate your personality by sharing some of the things you love. Meghan achieves this by choosing an outfit that both allows her personality to shine through and perfectly represent her product. Her flowy dress complements her wild rags and reflect this style, being both a little ranchy and a little fancy. As well, family is an important part of Meghan’s brand, and including her own family in her photos shares this value with her customers.

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