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What makes a branding photo session different?

Have you considered branding photos for your business but wondered what that includes? Branding photography allows your customers to get to know you, your business, and your style.

My goal with branding photography is to capture images that strategically tell the story of your business in a way that appeals to your ideal client. While product photography focuses on what you’re selling, branding photography is often more stylized and meant to evoke emotion in your customers, giving them the feeling of experiencing your product even before making a purchase.

When I worked with Buttercream Clothing, a Canadian-made apparel company dedicated to fashion you can feel good about, the objective was to showcase this brand stands for and to convey its essence to potential customers.

Compared to a regular photography session, I spent a lot of time up front with the customer prior to a branding session. We’ll sit down to chat about your ideal client, your style, and the goals for your business. Then, I’ll do my homework—this includes studying your website, social media, and reference photos, which I’ll use to develop a plan for your session. Often, I create a Pinterest board as part of this plan to send to you.

For my branding session with Buttercream Clothing, I wanted to reflect the company’s commitment to high-quality, ethically produced apparel designed for everyone to enjoy wearing. The simple beauty of the location and the natural, engaging confidence of the model help to share these ideals with the viewer.

I considered the simple, white backgrounds often used in the photos on their website and tried to recreate that with the snowy backdrop. One of their requests was to incorporate horses into some of the images, which I was able to source for the session.

After our session, I will edit your photos in a style that matches your current vibe and social media posts, unless you are looking to rebrand your business and we’ve discussed going in a different direction. I offer custom pre-sets that you can apply to your own photos in order to make your social media feeds appear more cohesive.

In order to fit well with Buttercream Clothing’s current social media feed, the editing style of

these photos is a bit lighter than I normally use in my photos. I also tweaked my editing to ensure the colours were as true to the real thing as possible.

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