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It's me!

Hi I’m Stacey Jo – the face behind the camera at Ramblin’ Rose Creative.


I grew up on a ranch in Southern Alberta but now call Maple Creek SK my home. I am a scientist by trade but an artist in my heart. I am a coffee connoisseur, a CrossFit addict, a self-proclaimed unicorn, and a dog mom to the cutest corgi in the world.

I love capturing life’s special moments and the beauty of western and ranching lifestyles. I grew up submerged in those lifestyles – I understand the importance of that last 4-H steer for a high school graduate that has put blood, sweat, tears, sleepless nights and endless miles into furthering themselves as a cattleman. I get it when you say this is your once-in-a-lifetime, forever horse – the one that will catch you on your worst falls. I know the chaos of a spring branding pen, the calm of a warm summer evening, the joy of wrapping up fall harvest, and the comfort of a warm barn on an icy winter’s morning.

Ranching runs deep in my blood and I understand the passion that drives the life you live, and I take pride in capturing those simple, yet profound moments for you to reflect on for a lifetime.

I strive to capture the magic that shines through when couples, families or an individual lets their guard down and shows the true emotion they are feeling in that moment. I want to tell your family’s story, whether that be the unshakable bond between a grandfather and granddaughter, or the look that passes between a couple (you know the one, when he does that one thing that drives you crazy but you can’t help but love him for). Those moments are real and raw, and they will be something to fondly look back on through life. Photography allows us to take a snapshot in time, a reminder of who we were and how far we’ve come.


Maybe it’s your journey into health and fitness, to catch you lifting a weight you never dreamed was possible, pushing through that invisible “I can’t” barrier in your mind or celebrating all things your amazing body is capable of. The awesomeness of a once in a lifetime occasion or the beauty in everyday - these are the moments I live to catch on film and want to preserve forever for you. That is the magic I want to be a part of.


I look forward to capturing your story.

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