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Addapea Productions brand session

Alannah Dean with Addapea Productions was an absolute, creative breath of fresh air to work with. On first meeting Alannah you feel both a calming presence and her beautiful creative energy. Alannah helps people who feel lost for purpose recreate their life in alignment with who they truly are through holistic, spiritual life coaching. From Reiki, coaching, and moon circles, Alannah loves that her services can empower anyone and everyone. She loves watching people change their way of thinking to more affirmative and positive.

Alannah's journey in entrepreneurship started after her dad passed, her life was turned upside down and Alannah came to the realization that she wanted to live a lifestyle more similar to the life her dad lived. It was then that she realized she wanted to live by design and a more carefree life and is stepping away from a traditional 9-5 job to pursue her passion in entrepreneurship.

Outside of business Alannah enjoys nature walks, creating art via painting, resin, and crafts, and exercising and moving her body. She is also a certified event manager and passionate about the environment. Alannah brings all of these aspects into both her life and her business. You can find Addapea Productions on Instagram @addapeacoaching or on her website:

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