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Print your damn photos!

If you follow me on social media you will have heard this catch phrase from me before! Print your damn photos!! You have already went through all the effort to book a session, find outfits for your family, get everyone happy and dressed up nice and being all cute for the camera it's time to get the most out of your session by actually printing your photos.

I know that deciding what or where to print can be overwhelming so I am going to share a few of my favourite places to shop from!

Canvas, framed photos, and other wall art

Hands down my favourite place is White House Custom Commons, they only offer printing through photographers but lucky for you, I have it setup so you can shop directly through them using your online gallery. In your online gallery you will see the option for "print store" which will allow you to order. I love that they have so many options at different price points, from canvas, to wood, to metal, and even framed photos. The only issue is WHCC is based in the states which means with shipping and duty the cost can add up. But if you want high quality prints and lot's of variety of options they are hands down my favourite. (I put in a bulk order every Christmas to help keep costs down)

Prints, enlargements, and cards

I have a few of my favourite options for prints.

If you are already putting in an order through your online gallery I would recommend doing them there as the product is so high quality, they also have some great options for Christmas Cards and newborn.

If you are putting in a stand alone order for prints or cards, I highly recommend The Print Refinery They make high quality prints, have a great selection for cards and being that they are based in Canada there is no duty and shipping is a bit more reasonable.

For something slightly more economical, or if you are looking for a more local pick up option try London Drugs. They have a pretty decent selection and turn around can be quick. Just make sure you choose "no colour correction" with your order as I have already done that for you!


Did you know you can add an album to your order? If you don't want the hassle of making one I can build it for you!

If you are more the DIY sort I recommend Mixbook There is so much variety and options to choose from from more elegant to scrapbook style books. You can also choose a variety of sizes. They almost always have a sale so unless you are in a rush, build your book then save it and check in every few days to see if they have went on sale before you order. I also love that you can invite collaborators so you can build a book and then send the link to your family and they can order it as well.

Places to avoid

I don't recommend places like Costco, Staples, Walmart or basically anyone who will do a very cheep canvas. When it comes to photo printing you tend to get what you pay for. I have seen some beautifully printed pieces come from these places but I have also seen images that are blurry, hazy, or the colours are funky. Consistent quality can be an issue so for me it is just not worth the gamble.

I hope this inspired you to print your own family photos! Happy printing, and have fun reminiscing and choosing your favorite's.

Check out these beautiful photos from my final Cypress Hills Christmas Card Mini photo session of the year, consider booking one next year to get some winter wonderland photos to gift to your family and friends.

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