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Client Closet

Updated: May 8


A client closet is a collection of clothing items that you can use free of charge, when you book a session with me. Many of these items are suitable for maternity sessions, yet they transcend to a family, an engagement or even an empowerment session with equal grace. Elevating the visual appeal of your photos effortlessly, they alleviate any pre-session concerns, whether for a complete session or a wardrobe change mid-session while retaining your signature style. If you know me you know I am an absolute nerd about all things native prairie grasslands, so I have named all of my gowns after my

favourite plants you may find in our grasslands.

Prairie Sage

Step into the world of maternity photography with this beautiful green dress. Crafted to embrace your growing bump with elegance and grace, this dress is a dream come true for capturing the beauty of your pregnancy journey. The rich green hue symbolizes new beginnings and growth, while the flowing silhouette creates a mesmerizing effect in every shot. Wearing Prairie Sage will help ensure every photograph is a cherished memory.

Prairie Rose

This ivory dress, adorned with warm floral tones, emerges as a cherished choice among clients for photography sessions for so many reasons. Its delicate floral pattern, infused with hues of warmth, adds a captivating touch of elegance to any photograph. The soft, flowing fabric drapes gracefully, allowing for fluid movement and effortless posing, resulting in photographs that exude natural beauty and sophistication.

Wild Raspberry

The Wild Raspberry is a client favourite due to its striking colour. The vibrant hue adds a bold pop of colour to any setting, enhancing the visual impact of the photographs. Due to the fluidity and flattering cuts, it allows for clients to move with ease and grace during their photo sessions. This piece is sure to capture confidence and elegance in every frame, making it a top choice for those seeking to capture memorable moments.

Rosy Everlasting

This one steals the spotlight in maternity photography, though its charm transcends across all genres! Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this dress seamlessly combines comfort and sophistication, offering expecting mothers a delightful blend of style and ease. Its soft, textured fabric gently embraces your growing bump while the delicate hue of pink adds a radiant touch to your maternity photoshoots.

Blue Eyed Beauty

This flowy emerald green dress has captured the hearts of clients as a top choice for photography sessions. Its luxurious fabric drapes elegantly, creating mesmerizing movement and adding a touch of ethereal beauty to every shot. The rich hue of emerald green radiates sophistication and charm, effortlessly complementing various skin tones and backgrounds. This dress exudes timeless elegance, making it a client favourite for capturing unforgettable moments with style and grace.

Prairie Smoke

Crafted to embody purity and grace, this dress is the epitome of timeless elegance. Its flowing silhouette and delicate fabric gently envelop you, creating an aura of effortless beauty that transcends through the lens, making each photograph a mesmerizing reflection of your inner and outer beauty. Another beloved choice for maternity shoots, yet equally stunning for a variety of photography styles. Embrace the symbolism of the Prairie Smoke with this beautifully made dress!


Embrace the timeless allure of the white lace skirt for your photography session and step into a world of effortless elegance. Crafted to enhance your natural beauty with it's intricate lace detailing, the Yarrow adds a touch of ethereal charm and romance to every photograph, creating a dreamy aesthetic that captivates the eye.

Water Marigold

Step into elegance with our flowy Water Marigold dress, a radiant choice for any occasion. Crafted with care and adorned with a captivating floral print in warm tones, this dress is timeless. Wearing it promises both comfort and grace, while elevating your style with a touch of enchantment. Wear this dress during golden hour and you are sure to capture picture perfect memories.

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