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How to Prepare for a Mini Session in Cypress Hills Park

Updated: May 8

Cypress Hills is one of my favourite places to photograph. It offers stunning views and a variety of different backdrops which makes hosting mini sessions in the park fun and allows us to capture some beautiful moments. Because we are trying to grab photos in such a short amount of time, I do have a few tips that are unique to mini sessions at Cypress Hills Park

  • Arrive to the photo site a few minutes early: mini sessions are scheduled back to back which means I cannot shuffle our session back if you are late.

  • Leave yourself extra time: this is especially important if you have little ones with you. Kiddos will frequently fall asleep on the drive down to the park (even if you don't think it is that far) so make sure to give your self plenty of time to arrive, have a snack, change if needed and wake up so we they don't have to jump straight from sleep to photos.

  • Pack snacks and water: once again this one is more important with the kiddos, a 15 minute session may not seem that long, but it goes better if everyone is happy, hydrated and ready to go

  • Wear layers: Cypress Hills Park can easily be a few degrees colder than anywhere else so having the option to layer up in flowy cardigans, jean jackets etc. is ideal. I Cannot stress this enough, there is nothing harder to photograph then a cold kid! You will always be happier with the results of photos where you kid is happy and warm than in a perfectly coordinating outfit and miserably cold! If you are looking for more tips on what to wear check out this post.

  • You will need a park Pass: If you are not from the area, Cypress Hills Park is a provincial park meaning you will need a park pass to enter, make sure you leave extra time to get one at the gate.

  • Wear good shoes: This is a mini session so we will not be hiking anywhere, but we will be outside so make sure you have shoes that you are ok if they get a little dirty and that you can walk and play in

  • Have fun: My style of photography is very playful and candid. I love capturing you and your family enjoying being together and interacting. If you are looking for only perfectly posed images with everybody looking at the camera I am probably not your girl. This means my sessions are designed to create movement, I will encourage your kids to cuddle, run, dance and play and be kids! I know photos can be weird or awkward but I promise you them more you are in the moment and not stressed about perfect smiles the better your photos will be!

  • You have access to my client closet: All photo sessions come with access to my client closet. This is a collection of gowns, skirts, and hats you can borrow for your photos. You can view the full closet offerings here If you choose to wear anything in the collection please let me know ahead of time. Because mini sessions are scheduled back to back gowns are offered on a first come first serve basis.

I am always here for any questions you may have, and I can't wait to tell your families story through my lens!

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