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Comfy and Cozy Are We: What to Wear To Your Winter Photo Session

Updated: Apr 15

Winter can naturally produce stunning backdrops and beautiful lighting, making for magical photo sessions, but it can also bring some challenges, namely the cold. For the most part, I don't do photo sessions when the temperature is below freezing, especially with young children. As much as we think they will be ok for a few quick photos, I can promise you, when we try to photograph cold kiddos, we mostly get tears and stiff body language. But with a bit of planning and flexibility, we can choose a day where the weather isn't too chilly. From there it is just a matter of dressing up your kids nice and warm so that they are happy to frolic and play outside!

Here are a few tips on what to wear for your winter photo session to ensure you get magical winter wonderland type photos:

Choose warm base layers

The key to staying warm is choosing good base layers. Even though we wont be outside for a super long time, I would still encourage you to dress your kiddos as if we are because too warm is better than too cold. Hiding tights, long johns, or long sleeve tops under their "nice" clothes helps to keep them happy throughout the session!

Choose neutral, earthy colours

Rich browns, deep greens, cozy creams, or jewel toned crimsons look stunning against trees and snow. Sticking to more neutral or deep jewel tones over more vibrant colours helps you to look stunning against the beautiful background nature provides.

Cozy can be cute!

Just because you want to stay warm for your session doesn't mean you can't also look adorable. Chunky sweaters, flannel shirts, puffy vests, velvet dresses and wool jackets all look stunning and look more at home against the winter background than a summery dress. Don't be afraid to embrace the wintery vibes!

Add clothes with movement

Adding longer items of clothing adds movement and playfulness to your photos. Flowy dresses (although make sure you pair it with some fleece lined tights to stay warm), long jackets and even scarves are an excellent way to do this. If you are looking for the perfect flowy dress, check out my client closet! I have lots sized S-2x for you to choose from.

Mix textures to add depth to your photos

Including different textures adds more visual interest to your photos. We are lucky that winter clothes do this for us naturally. Mixing fleece, wools, knits, denim and other textures not only adds warmth to you and your photos, but it also helps to make images look more cohesive.

Choose the right footwear

Winter footwear isn't always the most flattering but it can help you stay warm and prevent meltdowns from your littles. Fluffy boots, moccasins, leather booties, or rubber soled cowboy boots can provide warmth and style. If you only have big clunky winter boots, consider wearing them to the photo site then changing there. Avoid leather soled cowboy boots on your kids if it is slippery and anything low cut like flats if there is lots of snow on the ground; Nothing is more uncomfortable than a shoe full of snow!

Accessorize for warmth

If you really want to up the winter wonderland feeling, add in some winter accessories! Neutral coloured toques, fluffy ear muffs, or cozy mittens work great! Try for wool or fur textures to add depth and avoid looking like you are on a ski trip. If you are local, Kelly-Dee Floral has some adorable neutral coloured pom toques.

At the end of the day, winter family photos are about capturing memories with you and your family. Taking these tips into consideration will help to elevate your photos but overall, the most important part is that everyone feels warm and conformable in what they are wearing to play and interact with each other so we can capture a few moments of childhood!

Still feel like you need a little help with your wardrobe? No problem! I offer a Client Closet consisting of a collection of clothing items that you can use free of charge, when you book a session with me - Find out more about it by clicking the link below!

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