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Laurel and Jordan's intimate hilltop pasture elopement

Laurel called me up on a Tuesday to ask if I was free to do some photos on Saturday, once I said yes she let me know that they were planning on saying "screw it" to all things that 2020 had canceled and get married anyway! There is true beauty in the simplicity of this wedding, and more than one tear was shed watching these two say I do in front of their closest family, friends, cattle, and dogs.

Five things I loved about this wedding:

1. The simplicity: with no dress, flowers, suit or any of the other traditional fanfare of a wedding there was nothing to distract from Laurel and Jordan and their love story.

2. Hilltop ceremony: although the hill presented some challenges with the wind the view was truly stunning and as it happened to be their cow pasture it was a sentimental location for the couple, also being surrounded by these speckled park's at the ceremony made my heart so happy!

3. Memorial table: Laurel and Jordan made sure all of their loved ones were present with a memorial table containing photos, candles, and special items from their family who have passed.

4. Seed ceremony: towards the end of the ceremony they held a seed ceremony where Laurel, Jordan, and Laurel's two kids all poured different seeds together in a jar. The ceremony was meant to represent that they are all able to bloom and grow in their own way but that they are all connected as a family.

5. Carved log: Laurel's brother carved a beautiful log that served as a backdrop to the wedding and photos.

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