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Wild precious brand session

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Melissa from Wild Precious is a self described day dreamin’, dreamcatcher makin’ soul healin’ kind of girl, with a pretty shoulder and a lovely set of ears. She also gives the absolute best hugs! Melissa is drawn to art, music, poetry and nature, and brings all of those aspects into her alternative healing practises, with a particular passion for fusing the science and magick of universal sound healing. Melissa offers intuitive card readings, sound therapy sessions, reiki and custom art pieces made with love and light to adorn any space. she also is a co-owner in a few metaphysical shoppes, and invites you to come hang out with her and check out "The Spirit Within"

This whole adventure started when Melissa drug a broken piece of a tree home to see what she could make of it. From there here love of creating from nature blossomed into all of the aspects of her business. Melissa brings so much joy and light to those she gets to interact with through her business. The people she gets to meet are her favourite part of this business she loves the connections she has been able to make through it all. "I know that the pieces I create come from a place of love and magic - it makes me glow knowing I’ve captured the intended essence. It’s the faces behind the projects that make me fall in love with my work." says Melissa

Outside of business music is a huge part of Melissa's life, when she's not trying to get guitar blisters and join the neighbourhood garage band she' working on her arthritis with 3 different bands playing the clarinet. And when she's not doing that, it’s Hendrix on the record player with a glass of wine and cooking something delicious.

You can find Melissa at Wild Precious on Facebook and @wild.precious on Instagram.

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