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Top 5 photo sessions of 2020

Updated: Mar 25, 2021


I could easily fill this post with the challenges that came with 2020, the shut downs, the tears, the struggles, but instead I chose early on to look at 2020 as a year of growth. I took time during the slow season to truly invest in myself and my business and man did it show! That’s not saying I didn’t experience the negatives but I am choosing right now to reflect on those beautiful moments. Here are my top five photos sessions that helped me grow, brought me joy, or made me feel connected to “my people” in a year where connection was harder to find.

5) Steph and Nephi

Early in the year I had invested in a mentorship with my now friend Laura Manson Photography. I loved Laura’s editing style, creativity, and ability to make the mundane moments look magical! I feel like Laura is also that really cool older sister that lets me, the slightly nerdy little sister tag along with her. This shoot was the end of our formal mentorship and we couldn’t have asked for a better couple to work with! Steph and Nephi are not only total babes but you could feel their connection with each other and they kept us laughing the whole session.

4) Muyser family

I knew from the moment I talked to Bryanna on the phone that this session would be magical. There was something in the way she talked about capturing those fleeting moments of childhood that spoke to me. When during the shoot Bryanna expressed to me that she had almost went shopping to buy a Pinterest worthy photo outfit but then decided to go with clothing that made her feel beautiful and herself that really sealed the deal.

3) Julia and Jesse,

I spent a weekend in the mountains learning all things wedding photography! I got to meet some amazing fellow photographers and learn from the ladies behind Wild Love Photography and Brz Photography. There were 3 styled shoots that weekend and everyone of them could have easily ended up on this list. I think what made this one so special was the love you could feel between Jesse and Julia, they were cute, and intimate, and hilarious without much direction, in short, a photographer’s dream!

2) Becky

This session holds so much sentimental value for me. We lost my grandfather early on in 2020. Grandpa Hank was one of my biggest supporters, he was the first to brag about all of his grandkids and their accomplishments. Grandpa Hank was my hero in so many ways. My grandpa was your classic cowboy, he rode his horse Jellybean almost daily right up until he passed. This summer my sister took Jellybean to live at her place and I obviously jumped at the opportunity when she asked if I would capture some photos of the two of them. Months later I still get a tear in my eye when looking at these photos.

1) Sam and Kayla

Fire. I could leave the description of these photos at that. I loved working with Sam and Kayla, not only are they the most adorably in love couple with the cutest pup, they also were up for all sorts of adventures. They went with the flow time and time again as I told them to get in the water or take their shirts off on the side of the road and what we created was magic! Thanks for trusting me with your love story ladies!

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