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Today Deserves the Good Stuff Too

Ok ok, but hear me out on this one.

While in the city a while back, I bought a new pair of running shoes. Not just any running shoes, but fancy trail running shoes with extra stability and a special waterproof coating. Today, when I went out for a run, I wore my old shoes instead.

Why did I do that? Because it was muddy, and I didn’t want to get my new shoes (that were literally designed for running in the mud, I might add) dirty. Around the thirty-minute mark, as water started to seep into my socks, I realized how silly this was. But it also got me thinking about how often we do this in life.

We save the things we love for a “special day”:

  • The fancy clothes

  • The heirloom jewelry

  • The good makeup

  • The “town” boots

But what we’re really doing when we’re saving is saying that today isn’t worthy of the good stuff. My DMs are full of women who look at images from my empowerment sessions of other ladies in stunning dresses or something else that makes them feel great. They tell me that these images are so beautiful and they would love to do a session someday in the far distant future, but they couldn’t imagine doing something like that for themselves right now.

They couldn’t imagine doing a photo shoot just for themselves. And to them, I say: look at it not as “just a frivolous photoshoot,” but as self-care, as a celebration of who you are in every part of you; of who you are, not in relation to your job or your family, but just you. You are 100% worthy just as you are today.

There’s no need to save the celebration for a special day. Just like the good shoes should be worn in the mud and your best dress might be perfect for the garden, you too are worthy of being celebrated every single day. Just as you are.

We often save the best for last, reserving our most cherished items and experiences for some undefined future special occasion. This mindset stems from a variety of places: a desire to preserve the newness, an ingrained habit of frugality, or a belief that our everyday selves are not worthy of such luxury. But in doing so, we inadvertently devalue our present moments.

When we save our best for later, we miss out on the joy and satisfaction they can bring us today. Those special items and experiences are meant to be enjoyed, to enhance our lives, and to make us feel good. By postponing their use, we rob ourselves of the happiness they can bring.

What if we started treating every day as special? What if we wore our fancy clothes just because it’s Tuesday? Or used the good dishes for a simple family dinner? What if we took that empowering photo shoot not as a reward for some future achievement but as a celebration of who we are right now?

Celebrating ourselves every day is an act of self-love and self-respect. It’s about acknowledging our worth and allowing ourselves to feel special, not just on designated occasions but all the time. It’s about recognizing that we deserve to enjoy life’s little luxuries, to feel good in our own skin, and to celebrate our unique selves.

Wear the New Shoes. Schedule the Photoshoot. Use the Good China. Dress Up for Yourself. Remember, you are worthy of celebration every single day. Just as you are.

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