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Rewriting the Narrative: It’s Allowed to Be Easy!

You know that feeling? The one where it seems like things are going “too well”? Your business is attracting great clients. You’re kind of crushing it at your job. Seeding or harvest is going off without a hitch. You’re making more money. Everything seems to be falling into place perfectly, yet you find yourself anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I am well acquainted with this feeling. In fact, I’ve been known to open the door and invite chaos in just because things feel like they are going too well. It’s as if the comfort of success and smooth sailing makes us uneasy, prompting a need to brace for impact, to expect disaster lurking around the corner.

But over time, I’ve learned to remind myself constantly, it’s allowed to be easy. This mantra is not about claiming that things are inherently easy, but rather that they are allowed to be. Not everything in life has to be a brutal uphill battle to succeed. There are times when you’ve put in the work, prepared meticulously, gained the necessary knowledge, marketed your business effectively, or trained your body rigorously.

You’ve already put in the work. You’ve already prepared. And it’s perfectly okay for “it” – whatever your “it” is – to be easy. It’s a shift in perspective that acknowledges your efforts and recognizes the fruits of your labor. When we accept that ease can be a natural outcome of our hard work, we allow ourselves to experience and enjoy the success we’ve earned without the constant fear of impending doom.

Take a deep breath. Drop your shoulders. Unclench your jaw. For one small moment, allow yourself to feel the calm that comes with being at ease. Embrace the serenity that accompanies the realization that you deserve the smooth sailing, the success, and the good fortune. So often, we are conditioned to believe that struggle is a necessary component of success. We romanticize the idea of overcoming insurmountable odds, battling through adversity, and emerging victorious only after a grueling fight. While perseverance and resilience are undoubtedly valuable, it’s equally important to recognize and appreciate when things are going well without resistance.


Think about it: you’ve strategized, executed, and refined your approach to your business, your job, or your personal goals. You’ve laid the groundwork and cultivated an environment where success can thrive. It’s a testament to your dedication and skill that things are running smoothly. Allow yourself to enjoy it. Let go of the guilt or anxiety that often accompanies success. Celebrate your achievements and the ease with which they sometimes come. This doesn’t mean that challenges won’t arise or that every endeavor will be effortless, but it does mean that when things are going well, it’s okay to embrace it fully.

This mindset shift can be transformative. By accepting that ease is a valid and acceptable state, you open yourself up to greater joy and fulfillment. You learn to trust in your capabilities and the processes you’ve put in place. You give yourself permission to relish in the moments of success without the constant fear of their fragility. So the next time you find yourself waiting for the other shoe to drop, remind yourself: it’s allowed to be easy. You’ve earned this. Take a deep breath, relax, and bask in the peace that comes with knowing you’ve done the work. Embrace the ease and let it nourish your spirit. You deserve it.


Stacey Jo

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