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New year reflections

“Go at your own pace”

This has been my mantra for the new year since I first heard it mentioned by the ladies at Trailblazher Co.

I often feel this rush to jump into the New Year fray, to set resolutions, to start working towards big goals and ambitions but that hasn’t exactly felt right for me in the last few years. I have been very intentional about adding rest and down time to my life over the last year and jumping into goal setting and making big plans right after a busy season just didn’t feel in alignment with that.

So this year I let go of the new year pressure and instead spent time watching movies or reading on the couch with the dogs, doing yoga, and allowing myself time to reflect on the fact that another year has passed without jumping into what I want to do this year. Allowing that space has been an absolute blessing, time to celebrate and grieve without trying to fix or move on to the next goal (which is by far my tendency)

Last year I shared this Instagram post in the new year where I said I was avoiding the trap of “new year, new me” and instead leaning in to “new year, MORE me” leaning hard into the things that light me up, that bring a smile to my face, and doing that just for me, it didn’t need to make sense to anyone else! And boy did I ever do that! I splashed in the ocean on both coasts of Canada, I traveled with my person, I grew a beautiful garden and spent time just enjoying the fruits (and flowers) of my labour. I embraced a form of movement that felt good in my body, I jumped into a new position in work, and I photographed some amazing clients in some epic locations. I spent time with some amazing friends, and I also packed my camera and photographed my life, just for me to enjoy. I found so many things that bring me joy and light me up and “you seem so much happier” was a common phrase I heard from friends.

So I may not be ready to set big goals for 2023 but I have chose the word to guide the year and that word is:


I am choosing to be in flow with nature, to embrace the seasonality of life, and of myself, to be ok with rest times, and busy times. And although I might not be ready to list out my ambitions for 2023 (and I may never get there, which is fine too!) I do know what I want the year to feel like:

I want it to feel like friends gathered around a crowded table

Like summer days spent in the garden

Like fueling my body with delicious and nutritious meals

Like finding comfort in staying no

Like warm evening rides with no real purpose

Like being curled up with a good book in a warm house and a dog at my feet

Like taking a photo that lights me up so much I do a little happy dance

Like the first coffee outside in the spring sun

Like moving my body in a way I didn’t know was possible before

Like sitting down to rest after a hard days work,

Like love and joy and sunshine

Like I am in the flow.

2023 mood board:

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