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Getting the most value from your brand session

For a small business, a brand photography session can be a big investment. However, this investment can really pay off, helping to present your business in its best light with personalized content designed to attract your ideal client. If investing in brand photography is challenging for your business, here are a few ideas to get the most value from your session:

Think about collaborating with another small business that has a similar target audience and splitting the cost. For product-based businesses, we can develop a session to highlight both products, providing you agree to having a similar look in your photos. Service-based businesses can split the shoot in half to highlight each business. Palomino Hat Company collaborated with Little Hippie Lashes for this fun, engaging session, putting both their products on display in a way that works well together, is true to their brands and appeals to their target audience.

If your business offers clothing, accessories, or skincare, for example, consider hiring models or asking friends to model your products. The number of models in the Palomino Hat Company/Little Hippie Lashes shoot provided more diversity to the photos and permitted for a range of styles to be captured. We can often get through looks quicker, as one person can change outfits while I photograph another. If you expect your models to use their own clothing or do their own hair or makeup, it’s important to be very clear with them on your vision. I can provide you with a handout to help address questions such as this.

Be prepared for your session to make the most of the time booked. In this photo shoot, the models laid out their outfits ahead of time so we could minimize transition time between looks, allowing me to take more photos within the timeframe they booked. I will also help you prepare for your session by sharing tips for success, helping you determine the style and vibe of the shoot and providing advice on what to wear.

Choose your location wisely. By selecting a location with several different backdrops, we can capture more varied photos and minimize travel time. This session featured a variety of downtown backdrops to work with, and using the museum lent vintage vibes to those images. If you have difficulty finding a place that achieves this and feels right for your brand, I can help you to choose the right location.

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