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From Self-Doubt to Self-Love: Embracing Your True Worth

Today, I found myself telling a woman that her dreams were silly. I told her that she was just a farm girl with a little business and questioned, “Who are you to dream that big, to want something different, to dare to stand out?”

In the past, I’ve belittled this woman. I’ve told her she’s too loud, too bold, too much. I’ve criticized her for taking up too much space and told her she needed to shut her mouth sometimes. I’ve judged her for how her body looks and what she wears. I’ve told this woman that she doesn’t belong, that she’s not smart enough, creative enough, or just not enough.

And as you’ve probably guessed, the woman I have said all these things to is myself. I’m the biggest cheerleader for my family, friends, and strangers I’ve never even met. But when it comes to myself, I can be my own worst critic. Despite working on this for a long time, these negative thoughts still occasionally pop into my head. If this rings true for you, I want to share with you the same reminders I often have to tell myself:

Your dreams are not silly.

Nothing you do is ever “just a small” anything.

You deserve to be taken seriously, to chase your dreams, and to live out loud exactly as you are.

You are put on this earth to take up space, so damn it, girl, take it all up!

It’s okay to live loud and bold; your people will love you for it.

You are beautiful, exactly as you are. Full stop.

And most importantly, you belong in every room you want to be in.

Your dreams are yours for a reason, and you’re meant to chase them boldly and loudly. We often reserve our harshest criticisms for ourselves, doubting our worth and minimizing our accomplishments. It’s a harmful habit, one that we must consciously work to break. Just as we support and uplift others, we must learn to extend the same kindness and encouragement to ourselves.

Your dreams are valid. Your aspirations are significant. You deserve to be taken seriously and to pursue your goals with confidence. Embrace who you are, with all your unique qualities, strengths, and passions. The world needs your voice, your energy, and your vision. Don’t hold back. You, exactly as you are, are worthy. You, exactly as you are, are worth taking seriously. You, exactly as you are, are enough.

Embrace this truth and live boldly. Your journey, your dreams, and your presence are valuable. Take up space, live out loud, and never let self-doubt dim your light.


Stacey Jo

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