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Embracing Renewal: Lessons from the Prairies

As I walked through the prairies, it felt as though the vast landscape was heaving a collective sigh of relief. The recent rain brought with it the scent of fresh starts, second chances, and the promise of time. Everywhere I looked, the once dull and dry land was turning green, blooming, and waking up after some hard, tough years. The prairies around us were bright, fresh, and full of life; it's amazing what a little nourishment, sunshine, and water can do.

This transformation got me thinking about how we, as humans, are not that different from our prairie landscapes; if a little rain and sunshine can make such a significant difference to the world around us, what could we become with a little nourishment?

What could we become if we asked for what we needed? What could we achieve if we allowed our needs to be met? It's a powerful thought: what is the world missing out on when we don't take care of ourselves?

These reflections were the final ramblings I left my yoga class with last night. I encouraged everyone to think about their own nourishment and the potential it holds for their lives.

If you resonate with these thoughts, follow along on my Instagram for more of my ramblings!


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