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A Summer Garden Maternity Photoshoot

Updated: Apr 15

The gentle warmth of a setting sun, the delicate fragrance of blooming flowers, and the anticipation of new life – there's something truly magical about a summer garden maternity photoshoot.

I absolutely love maternity sessions! It's a time when expectant mothers seek to celebrate and cherish the beauty of their pregnancies, full of incredible change, both physically and emotionally. Capturing these moments is a way to freeze time and savour the glow of motherhood before the baby arrives.

Choosing the Perfect Location:

Selecting the right location is key to any successful maternity photoshoot, and for this particular shoot, we chose a stunning garden as our canvas. The garden, with its vibrant blooms and lush greenery, provided a serene and picturesque setting that perfectly complemented the theme of new life and growth.

The Magic of Golden Hour:

Timing is everything in photography, and the golden hour is undoubtedly the most magical time to capture the world's beauty. Occurring during the first hour of sunlight in the morning or the last hour before sunset in the evening, the golden hour bathes everything in a warm, soft, and golden light. In this shoot, the mother's radiant smile, the love in her eyes, and her blossoming bump were all accentuated by the warm hues of the setting sun.

Nature’s Backdrop:

Incorporating the garden's natural beauty into the photoshoot added an extra layer of charm. The colourful flowers, the delicate petals, and the vibrant green leaves created a vibrant and picturesque backdrop that highlighted the miracle of life growing within.

During the shoot, I encouraged the expectant mother to embrace her emotions fully. Maternity photography is not just about the bump; it's about capturing the love, joy, and anticipation in a mother's eyes. We photographed her gently cradling her belly, gazing at her growing baby with adoration, and sharing tender moments with her other daughter, the soon-to-be big sister.

The Final Results:

With golden hour and the beautiful gardens as our backdrop, I knew we had captured something truly special. The resulting images were breathtaking – a testament to the true beauty of pregnancy. Each photo told a story of love, anticipation, and the incredible journey of motherhood.

If you're expecting, consider capturing this special time in your life with a garden maternity session and let nature be your natural backdrop!

I am currently offering mini sessions in this garden on September 7th 2023, sessions are $250 for 20 minutes and 7 photos. You can book yours here:

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