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6 Tips for a Smooth Farm Family Session

1. Make a plan of where you want to go!

  • The ideal photo time is around 1.5 hours before sunset.

  • It's best to have the sun behind you so try to pick a location facing west (or south/north if we have to).

  • Avoid large buildings or with wind fences as it can create tricky shadows.

  • Most sessions are 1 hour long, use locations close together, we don’t want to spend the whole time trying to get from location to location.

  • Is it relatively easy to access?– I am ok with climbing fences, or even a hike to get somewhere but we need to plan accordingly (both timing and outfits that are easy to move in).

2. What animals do you want to include?

  • Chickens, pigs, horses? Animals in pastures or free-range tend to make prettier photos but if you really want photos in your goat barn or chicken coop I am here for it!

  • Make sure animals are easy to get to and clean if that matters to you.

  • Remember animals have a mind of their own if your dog suddenly acts like you are speaking a different language, that’s normal, mine does it too, stay calm and be patient, we have lots of time to get the perfect shot, and I guarantee even if they aren’t listening we will get something adorable.

3. How do you want to include animals?

  • Do you want photos with them or in the background?

  • For background photos recognize this may take time. I grew up on a farm, I know that if a stranger gets out in your cow pasture (or you in a dress they have never seen) it might cause them to run to the back of the field, be patient! It is totally okay to sit and visit for a while so the animals can get comfortable with us.

  • Go ahead and interact with your animals! Your favourite horse comes to see you from the background of a photo don’t be afraid to scratch them or give some love, it makes for great photos.

4. Have feed/halters

  • Having some treats for your animals might make them behave better, or come up to you, dumping some small piles of grain can make cows/horses in the background stay in one place.

5. What to bring?

  • A change of footwear might be needed if pastures are muddy, or we have to walk to get where we are going.

  • Bug spray - enough said.

  • If we are a long way from home it never hurts to have a backup outfit (you never know what will happen).

  • A blanket you don’t mind getting dirty that can be spread on the ground.

6. Do you - be yourself!

  • Photos are for you and a collection of memories that make you happy DON’T OVERTHINK IT! Do what makes you happy. Love your old barn, let's take photos there, your favourite cows are in a pasture full of weeds? I promise you will be the only one who notices, do what makes you happy.

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