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5 social media content ideas for rural small business owners

As a branding photographer, when I discuss enhancing the social media presence of small business owners, the most common concern I encounter is their uncertainty about where to begin. My top advice for you is simply to start! Whether you post one piece of content every two weeks or five a week, there's flexibility, but more frequent posts offer better opportunities for people to get to know you and see you in their feeds. While they may not make an immediate purchase, consistent posting can lead them to think, "Who's that person selling those amazing quality hand soaps made from goat's milk? I'd love to gift them to my friend who needs a little pick-me-up!"

To kickstart your journey, here are five content ideas. Remember, stop overthinking and take action!

  1. Speedy Behind-the-Scenes Reel: Set up your phone to capture a time-lapse video during your daily activities. Convert it into a reel, select audio that resonates with you (how about some Zack Bryan or T-Swift?), and add a few lines of text targeting your ideal audience. If you've recently had a branding photoshoot, use one of those photos as the reel cover. It's that easy! Yay you! the first post is already done—congratulations! Example: Check out this post aimed at busy rural women during a hectic season.

  2. Showcase Your Product in Its Natural Setting: Share images of people using your product or interacting with your service as they would in real life. If you've had a branding session, you'll have plenty of options. If not, grab a tripod or prop your phone up against a fence post for some shots. Include a customer review in the caption.

  3. Show Your Face: While we've all seen cringy "about me and my favorite things" posts, don't worry you can be more subtle. In the caption, share why you started your business, a recent client success story, or even something as simple as how you take your coffee. The goal here is to make people feel comfortable with you and like they know you. Remember, we're building relationships! Still feel uncomfortable showing your face? Go read this post, then come back and do it anyway. I believe in you!

  4. Behind the Scenes: Share a photo or video of your workspace, your creative process, packaging, or any other aspect of your workflow. If you've had a branding session, you should have material to choose from. People love to see "how it's made," and this can help you connect with your audience. In the caption, talk about your favorite part of your workflow.

  5. Share a Tip: Share a photo of yourself interacting with your product or in a natural setting and offer a tip that your ideal client can relate to. It could be related to your product, like suggesting a better way to use your homemade soap, or something relevant to your client's needs, like tips for a smoother harvest for busy rural women.

There you have it—five new posts to boost your social media game. Congratulations for investing time in your business. While it may seem slow and tedious, I assure you that it will pay off in the long run!

Interested in knowing more about the types of images you will get in a branding session. Check out these from my session with Kidding Around Soaps and Such!

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